The government’s program, Family 500 Plus, turned out to be a legal sell-out and not because politicians of the opposition say so, or because some bailiff took money from his mother, but because the government, knowing about deficiencies, knowing their consequences, did nothing to secure Polish families before losing this benefit.

The government closed its eyes to the problem, although we already talked about it in February this year when it was time for corrections. The government has introduced and forgot, and you citizen hang out with it alone.

So what’s the matter?

money cash

But no one takes into account that in order for the money from the debtor’s bank account to be on the bailiff’s bank account, there must be a certain fact, namely: some gentleman in the bank must sit at the computer, open the debtor’s account and withdraw money from this account, by paying them to the bailiff’s account at the same time, without cash, which means he must simply make a transfer.

Therefore, it is not the bailiff who takes money from the bank account, but the banker – when it comes to details. To sum up, it was not the bailiff who took the money from a 500+ lady with six children, but a pestle in a bank uniform who does not read, and if he does not read, he does not understand, and if he understands, he immediately forgets and that is the effect. And let it not be that we are defending the bailiff! Because he has as much or more behind his claws as a bank pestle, but we’ll talk about that in a moment.

However, even if the bailiff cannot take USD 500 per child

money cash

It does not mean that in practice it will not happen. Well, probably most of these funds will be paid to the bank accounts of beneficiaries, and according to the principles of the Civil Code, funds affecting the bank account lose their identity and then, after exhausting the amount free from attachment, all funds, even alimony, retirement, family benefits, allowances, subsidies, remuneration – because by affecting the bank account they lose such jurisdiction – the debtor will be left only with an anti-enforcement action – opposition against the creditor not to use this method.

Funds affecting a bank account lose their original identity and become cash without history regardless of their source, and no regulations oblige the bailiff to investigate the sources of funds accumulated on the bank account. “

But remember:

money cash

There is no interpretation that prohibits researching the source of funds on a bank account! This is a turning of the Vistula stick when the milk has spilled and the laziness of bankers, bailiffs and everyone who still had their fingers in this thieving procedure.

The provisions of the Central Committee in this respect are archaic and do not correspond to reality. And it would be enough to write what we proposed and after the topic:

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