Traders tempt us with promotions, discounts and sales. They try to attract customers in a hundred different ways, and one of them is purchase with deferred repayment date.

Not paying for something “here and now” makes it easier for us to fall into debt. specialists advise on how to avoid them.

Do you really have to have it?

Do you really need an elegant car, home cinema or a foreign trip with the “all inclusive” option? However, can you do without them without losing what is important to you? These questions should be asked in the first place when dealing with any advertising encountered.

According to the “easy to spend – harder to earn” principle, you have to answer these questions honestly, so as not to experience unnecessary stress related to the loss of liquidity later. Sometimes this answer is trivial, other times difficult. In the latter situations, it is worth to be guided by the criterion of functionality.

Consumer surveys show that it is generally easier for men to deny themselves something that is not useful to them. Women are not necessarily quick to give up things, but even they are able to use common sense in this matter. Regardless of gender, let us remain moderate, because every year there is more that can enjoy in life, and the day is still 24 hours. With too much, lots of “all-knowing” things, we just can’t get enough of it.

There are no free lunches, let alone loans!

Each purchase in installments is tantamount to taking on a financial burden, consisting in the obligation to pay them back. Many indebted people did not seem to remember this simple truth at the time of the transaction. In addition, the installments are de facto associated with a loan granted to the buyer by a financial institution interested in paying it back as long as possible.

Due to the interest rate on loans, the buyer actually pays for the goods more than the price. Sometimes the costs of such a loan are not immediately visible, and their existence can be learned by the customer not only from information written in a small font, but also surrounded by a thicket of paragraphs.

Costs are called hidden costs and it is worth asking the seller about them

Costs are called hidden costs and it is worth asking the seller about them

In addition, you should know that the lender is usually a bank – and thus buying something in installments, we sign a contract with a bank that will grant us a loan on its terms or … will not. The security used by banks is the need to provide them with a certificate of earnings, preferably the highest and most stable (employment contract, retirement, etc.).

Many banks accept earnings statements, but keep in mind that they still check that they are true. It is good to realize that in extreme cases, you may be subject to criminal liability for providing false information in your application for a loan.

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