The historical lows of Euribor enjoy those in debt

  The base for the interest rate of the vast majority of housing loans taken by Poles in the European currency, which is the 3-month Euribor, is getting lower day by day. Today, even before the decision of the European Central Bank, this rate has established its new, historical minimum, this time at 0.216%. And […]

Debt exchange, or how receivables are bought in Poland

The CSO statistics for 2017 show that there are twice as many debt collection companies as loan companies in Poland. From year to year, however, these trends will increase, because, unfortunately, the debt of Poles is also increasing. Debt collection is around 63-65%, of which over half is the result of external debt collection companies. […]

Where can people in debt look for support?

When we have outstanding liabilities on our account, and the whole of our credit history is shameful, we have no chance of getting a loan from the bank. All because, according to the bank, the chances of paying off another debt are none or negligible. Additional financial support It would seem that we are in […]